Hydration Guide

  • It is recommended that during a 3 hour gala, or 2 hour training session, a swimmer consumes approximately 2 litres of fluid, as well as 200-500ml of fluid every 2 hours before exercise.
  • It is recommended that these fluids are ISOTONIC.
  • Isotonic drinks quickly replace the fluids and minerals which are lost by sweating. They also provide a boost of carbohydrates for energy.
  • They contain electrolytes and salts, essential in transmission of signals in muscles, and to prevent cramp.
  • Plain water turns off the body’s thirst mechanism, dilutes electrolytes and increases urine production, further depleting mineral stores.

It is not necessary to buy these drinks, you can make your own.

You will need :

200ml ordinary fruit squash

800ml water

A pinch of salt

Simply mix them all together in a jug and cool down in a fridge, and consume.


3% dehydration can result in more than a 10% drop in performance in a race.