Competitor Code Of Conduct

• At competitions whether they be open meets, national events, or club galas always
behave in a manner that shows respect to both your club coaches and teammates,
members of all competing clubs and gala officials. This includes during travelling, in
the changing rooms, and on poolside.

• Arrive at the pickup point for the coach at the agreed time, or if travelling by car, a minimum of 30 minutes before warm up and make yourself known to the team manager. Join your teammates on poolside as soon as possible.

• While waiting to warm up / compete, wear a Bromsgrove SC top with tracksuit
bottoms / shorts to help keep warm.

• You should start your land warm up 20 minutes before pool warm-up.

• After your race, report to your coach for feedback. Get dry, and stay warm.

• If you have to leave poolside for any reason (toilet/changing clothes) inform the
team manager, and be as quick as you can.

• It is required that all swimmers stay on poolside until the end of club galas and must
be ready to swim at short notice, unless with the explicit agreement of the team
manager or head coach.

• Refrain from using electrical devices such as phones, tablets and handheld
computer consoles during galas. Listening to music is acceptable, but your focus
should be on your race and your team mates.

Please do not bring sweets, chocolate or crisps to galas. Sweets will give a momentary boost of energy due to a spike in blood sugar followed by a dramatic drop, impairing performance. Snack little and often on low fat easy to digest foods
such as rice cakes / fruit (dried or fresh) or milkshakes.

• Aim to consume approximately 2 litres of isotonic fluid during an average 3 hour
competition. Please do not drink fizzy / sugary drinks.

• Most importantly support and encourage your teammates and stay with the
team until the points have been announced. ALL SWIMMERS SHOULD BE
POOLSIDE FOR CANNONS AND RESULTS. Everyone likes to be supported
and your team will be supporting you. We are Team Bromsgrove!