How To Join

How to Join/Enquire about Bromsgrove Swimming Club

As a small friendly club we are always looking for new members at all ages.  If you or your child is interested in joining we would encourage you in the first instance to contact us by filling in the ‘register your interest’ section on this website, and we will contact you.  We will be pleased to invite you along for a free taster session at one of our pools where one of our coaches can assess you/your child’s abilities and coaching needs and assign you to the appropriate group.  Again we would offer a few free sessions in that group for the swimmer to see if they enjoy the activities before asking for regular payment authority to be set up for continued membership.

Particularly at the younger end of the club, all sessions are based around enjoyment and fitness, and swimmers may start competing in local friendly galas from around the age of 8 if they want to and are confident to do so.

As the swimmer gains in skill, strength,  and enthusiasm (as they all do!), it is possible to swim more evenings a week for longer hours, and higher level galas become an aspiration.

The club has county and regional level competitors among its ranks, and each swimmer progresses at his or her own individual pace.

Swimming as a sport is relatively low cost and we pride ourselves on our very reasonable fees.  Precise costs depend on which group a swimmer is placed in.   These range from £20.50(for a Friday morning session) to £61(senior national group) per month, the latter sum paying for 5 evenings and 2 morning with a total of 13.5 hours of swimming a week.  There is a modest annual membership fee, which is combined with an Amateur Swimming Association  (ASA ) membership and is due once a year.  These are currently £58.00 for category 2 swimmers (9 years and over )  or £37.00 for category 1 swimmers (under 9 years).  All fees correct as of March 2019.

We hope you will want to join us and look forward to hearing from you.